Design & Build

We design and build installations from your specification or from scratch.

We work closely with you to meet your brief. We have experience of using a varied range of materials, particularly specialising in wood, fabric and willow. Typically, we employ a four-stage process from conception to build.

  • 1

    Initial consultation

    Development of a mood board for in-depth discussion.

  • 2

    Detailed design

    Working on preferred ideas to develop specific designs to help the client decide upon a design.

  • 3

    Technical drawings

    To facilitate build, procurement, risk assessment and liaison with any venues or structures.

  • 4

    Build & install

    Construction either onsite or off-site and installation.

Some beautiful things we’ve made…

Wonderland entrance

Opera Holland Park wanted an innovative entranceway for their open-air performance of Wonderland. Inspired by the keyhole in the door which Alice shrinks to enter we designed this entranceway to delight the audience as they entered the theatre space. It was made from a reclaimed staircase using the original detailing in blue and yellow.

Wonderland entrance

Camp Bestival entrance

After a new aesthetic for their wellbeing area called the “The Hideaway”, Camp Bestival wanted something reclaimed yet contemporary to draw an audience from a distance. This charming entrance was designed to invite visitors into a space where they could relax and unwind we detailed the entranceway with reclaimed wooden staircases and vintage drawings of parrots.

Camp Bestival entrance

Wilderness stage

Eager to use primarily natural materials to dress the Wilderness Stage, we hoped that steel gabions filled with willow would give this stage is wild aesthetic. These willow fireworks were rigged directly onto the stage and complemented by 6 large steel feathers. The steel feathers were woven with fabric and we also used a matching bunting canopy.

Wilderness stage