We make events

Inventive festival flags and decor.

Unique festival flags, bunting, event decorations and more.
 Make your field a festival with A&E Adventures.





Festival Flags with flair.

Beautiful and original

Flags and decor make impressions. With our wide range of vibrant and colourful decoration, you can easily add a touch of flair to your event. 

Our festival flags are a simple way to add character to your site, set the tone (and the mood) with bright colours and make it special.
Whether livening up a camping area or making a stage stand out, turn a field into a festival with A&E Adventures. 

It’s not just about festival flags – we have a range of lanterns, bunting, entrance ways, and other essentials like pagodas, shelters, seating and scaffolding pole socks.


We design & build events

A&E work with you to create incredible installations.

Stages, entrances, shelters and more. Whatever the vision you have for your event looks like,
we’ll work closely with your creative brief to bring it to life.
We’ll design and build these installations from your specifications, or from scratch.

Our experience is rich and varied, and we’re capable of working with a wide range of different materials, though we specialise in wood, fabric and willow.


Festival Flags and Decor

A&E Adventures has been in the festival industry for over a decade. We’re at the heart of event decorating. We create and hire out beautiful, eye-catching festivals flags, event decorations and more. 

Based in West Wales our decor and creations are hand made right here in the UK. We’re good at what we do, and most importantly, we love making your event look the part! We predominantly supply decor to larger scale events and festivals in the UK however we also hire our festival flags for personal events such as weddings, adding a touch of creativity and colour to memorable days and special occasions. 



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