We decorate events

Festivals are unlike anything else: the passion, the crowds, the vibe, the music. A lot goes into creating the right atmosphere, and festival decoration is all a part of that.

A&E Team 2016
A&E team in 2016

Festival decoration is at the heart of what we do. We understand contemporary event design and the importance of professional building standards. Our job is to bring design and build together, to give you a seamless service. We meet deadlines, work in all weathers, manage skilled and volunteer teams… whilst keeping a sense of humour about it all!

We make festival decoration easy. Whether it’s providing vibrant flags or bunting, to constructing whole stage sets, we promise efficiency and guarantee perfect results.

  • We design, build and install the décor for any stage, venue, area, or even a complete event site.
  • We manage established teams or recruit our own crew and volunteers.
  • We work to all current Health and Safety and Construction Design Management requirements.
We’re based in West Wales
& handmake everything in the UK

What makes us tick?

A&E Adventures is based in the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire in West Wales. We work with a range of artists, designers and fabricators, from right here in Wales all the way over to London, who are as enthusiastic as they are talented. We all love what we do, and any opportunity to do it together makes us happy.

Wilderness Team 2015
The 2015 Wilderness team

Those who work with us say…

“Working with Edryd and Angeline is like working with your best friends and your best worker bees at the same time. They are just the team you need to help ease the pressure when working at big events. They are always easy to get hold of pre-event, energetic, bright spirited and full of smiles onsite. Not to mention Angeline’s creative flair, and the strong, practical hands of Edryd, what a winning combination! I love working with them and would highly recommend working with them to anyone else.”

Claire HamiltonFounder of The Secret Sanctuary healing area at SGP & Wilderness Festivals

“A&E Adventures brought colour and wonder to the Sanctuary and surrounding arena at the Secret Garden Party 2012. From leaping whales, giant flowers, gorgeous petal flags and so much more, their decor adds great value to the atmosphere of that space. A pleasure to work with, they come highly recommended.”

Alex GeldenhuysDécor Manager for Secret Garden Party 2012

A few of our clients

    • Wilderness
    • Big Feastival
    • Secret Garden Party
    • Glastonbury
    • Green Man
    • Electric Picnic
    • Bearded Theory
    • Lovebox
    • Gottwood
    • Farr
    • Lamer Tree
    • Feast
    • Parklife
    • Taste
    • Eisteddfod
    • Urdd
    • Tafwyl
    • Wales Rally
    • Boomtown
    • Beat Herder
    • Shambala
  • Car Fest