Socks & Extras

The little things that make all the difference.

Haybale Socks

Using haybales as seating is a great and cheap option however they can get ripped apart and make a right mess – so sock them!

Turn them into a fun seating feature and stop them from spreading all over your site. They can be made in a variety of colours to match your overall aesthetic. These are for purchase. Made from non flame retardant material. Colours may vary on enquiry.

Pole Socks

If you want to make a feature of the scaffolding on your site or hide them pole socks are your answer! These are for purchase, not hire. We can make them in any colour and size. Colour options may vary on enquiry.

Ribbon Chandeliers

These chandeliers have three tiers of silk ribbons in coloured hues. Available to hire in hues or orange, hues of blue and mixed Rhubarb & Custard.
Max hire: 3

Ribbon Box Chandeliers

These box chandeliers have two tiers of multicoloured ribbons. Inspired from Thailand these chandeliers will fill your aerial space with colour. They also have integral white LED lighting. 13amp.
Max hire: 4

Flower Boxes

Our reclaimed wooden flower boxes are perfect to hold flowers at height, adding extra natural beauty around any scaffolding. The boxes will hide the putlogs and clamps! Flowers are additional.
Max hire: 24