Décor with panache

What better way to make an impression?

Event decoration to make your event or festival stand out. On the date, on social media, and in peoples’ memories. At A&E Adventures, we know all about event decoration. What works, what doesn’t, and all the simple ways in which decor can increase the ambience of your event and set the mood of your crowds.

From vivid festival flags to colourful bunting. Beautiful lanterns to ambient lighting and illuminate your site after dark, with ornate designs for the daytime. Intricate, bespoke entrance ways to make that all-important first impression.

When it comes to event decoration, it’s all about the detail. We can create a range of other essentials that’ll add that touch of panache and personality you’ve been looking for. Whether that’s a bespoke wooden pagoda, a shepherd shelter built with charm, flower boxes, or colourful hay bale socks for a practical and comfortable seating option, we’ve got you covered at A&E Adventures.

Don’t forget, you can use our bunting shop to create bespoke bunting, uniquely yours and perfect for a special occasion or event!